The Rum and Popcorn 100

I got a lot of problems with these people!

44. 44

Speaking of which, while may of us are happy for his election, that doesn’t mean he gets off the hook for his nuisances this year. First of all, the infomercial on all the networks? Somebody’s going to have to prove to me it was worth it. That money could have been better spent. Also, I know he has to be associated with the Christian religion to hide the fact that he’s a secret Muslim, but could he possibly have a worse knack for finding preachers? Jeremiah “look at me” Wright and Rick “It’s about doing good works unless you’re a turd burglar” Warren have gotten way too much time in relation to their importance. I guess it’s partly the fault of the 24-hour news cycle, but the president-elect just has a knack for finding controversial preachers who like to draw attention to themselves. Ugh.

Mitigating circumstances: Well, Wright did lead to that pretty good speech on race.


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