The Rum and Popcorn 100

I got a lot of problems with these people!

3. Sarah Palin

Couldn’t have a list without her, of course! So much to choose from, but I’m going to forget all the other stuff and focus on the one moment that really made me upset to even hear her speak Her declaration about “real America” and “fake America” was just about the last straw. And the last straw for many others. It was just the crystallization of her nauseating presence on the national stage. She seemed to represent the worst of conservative politics, and she finally became the face of it. You’re only a “real American” if you share our beliefs and vote our way. I mean, the sheer stupidity of the statement stands on its own; the idea that people who live in urban centers and blue states don’t care about this country is on its face, moronic. But her and politicians of her ilk so much believed in that playbook, of dividing and conquering, of belittling intellectualism, and science and thought that it seemed like a perfect thing to say. And the fact that she even said and that it once represented a successful strategy, made looking at her and listening to her even tougher to take than before.


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