The Rum and Popcorn 100

I got a lot of problems with these people!

52. Mike without the Mad Dog

I kind of hadn’t listened to sports talk radio in years (I now rely on ESPN podcasts for my ill-informed, overhyped sports bluster, thank you) but I was shocked to learn that the breakup of venerable New York drive-time hosts Mike and the Mad Dog was actually happening. I mean, they’ve probably been tired of each other on some level for a long time, but I thought the money and the prestige of being generally recognized as the best in the business would get them through it.

Then along comes  satellite radio, and an institution is closed down. Much like a prima donna athlete he would usually deride, Mad Dog decided to to the money and finally gets to be the number one star. All kidding aside, it sounds like they just grew apart and were ready to try working on their own.

Still, after all these years it’s odd to see Mike in the studio by himself. It’s just jarring to hear as well, and reminds of what might become a bygone day soon…just how much time you end up spending with total strangers who just happen to have a broadcasting platform that you find entertaining. It’s pretty scary, actually. And while I wish them good luck in their endeavors, they will probably never be as good apart as they were at their peak together.

Mitigating circumstances: Watching Mike try to pretend he actually enjoys talking to callers more than ever now…entertaining. They can never say it, so I’ll say it for them…the callers were the worst part of the show.


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