The Rum and Popcorn 100

I got a lot of problems with these people!

49. Other Fat Former Bill Belichick Assistants

I already went after Charlie Weis, because Captain “Decided Schematic Advantage” kind of deserved his own spot. But we cannot forget a couple of overstuffed apples off the Bill Belichick coaching tree: Eric Mangini  and Romeo Crennel. Tosay both have been disappointing in leading their teams is probably an understatement. But these things happen. But it’s the way they’ve been losing that’s just absurd, and a real threat to the legacy of Bill “Captain Video” Belichick.


We’ll start with Romeo Crennel. He basically stands there lifeless while watching Braylon Edwards drop football after football. How has he not rectified this? I don’t care how much you’re paying him, you can’t have your number 1 wideout demoralizing the team and killing drives with drops. It just symbolizes the unfortunate failure of his regime. (Although his GM, Phil Savage, needs to go too.)


Then we have the Mangenius, who has done nothing since every team in the league figured out how to beat the Jets: Sucker them into letting the offense go through Brett Favre, hypnotize them into not using Leon Washington and Thomas Jones, and be patient because you know they won’t dial up a blitz or do anything unconventional to generate pass rush, no matter how tired and worn out 500-pound Kris Jenkins is. Nice job. Take your GM with you, too.

Mitigating circumstances:Well, At least Charlie’s coming back…maybe they can all be on the Notre Dame sideline together. I don’t know where you’d put the players, though. Ha!

Come on, that’s funny.


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