The Rum and Popcorn 100

I got a lot of problems with these people!

68. Adventures in Moving

Heck, we should have been in an ad for U-Haul. One of the epic days spent this year was assisting old pal disapproving monkey put her stuff into storage before heading off on her wondrous journey in Asia. But not before a move went down that probably couldn’t get her on the plane fast enough.

Handing out whiskey slush to your movers is a risky gambit; you have happy movers but you don’t necessarily have sane ones. Combine this with an absurd deadline at the storage place, traffic, too many guys trying to show they’re the MacGyver of moving, a dead elevator, other insane storers, and you have a move so epic it had to be chronicled briefly here. My personal highlight: taking some whiskey slush to go, getting in a cab, and trying to convince the driver it was a “Slurpee”. He played along, even though I clearly reeked of whiskey. We tipped him nicely.

Mitigating circumstance: I don’t mind helping people move, generally free food and drink is enough. But let me just say without telling tales out of school that this was easily, by far,  the most rewarding move I have ever participated in.


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