The Rum and Popcorn 100

I got a lot of problems with these people!

65. The 2008 Final Four

Three words for you: terr-i-ble! We finally get four number one seeds, we’re expecting two of the best national semifinals you’ll ever see, and what do we get? Two beatdowns that made those horrendous Super Bowls of the ’80s look like classics by comparison.

First, UCLA just watched Derrick Rose and friends just fly to the basket, and the layup line resulted in a fifteen point beatdown for Memphis. Then, North Carolina didn’t realize the game had started until fifteen minutes in and all of a sudden it was 40-12 and we were still sober. Thanks for nothing, Heels. We did enjoy your fake comeback where you got it to four with 11 minutes left, then Kansas remembered, “Hey, these guys suck!” and they pulled away.

Sure the championship game was a classic, but it being tax season and all, I had to work late Monday night and only caught the end on my work computer. Whee. What a tourney, fellas! (Remember, this is a list of how I have been aggrieved. You probably enjoyed the game.)

Mitigating circumstances: No more pencils, no more books, no more of Billy Packer’s dirty looks!


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