The Rum and Popcorn 100

I got a lot of problems with these people!

79. A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila 2

Bring some strange girl home and let her get control of your remote and this is what happens.

You get past a certain age, and you kind of stop watching MTV, and you’re probably better for it…but not if someone puts on “A Shot at Love”, whose claim to fame is pretty much that it’s the first bisexual fake romance show. But you quickly lose sight of the whole girls and boys meet girls concept because the people, even by reality-show standards are dunderheads of the highest order. I mean they’re the kind of people you meet at a bar, think they’re attractive, and then lose interest once they start talking. (Unless of course, they meet my drinking buddies, where doucheness  and stupidity will not stop you from getting your private parts in the door two, possibly three times.)

That’s sad enough, then it was suggested that I’d be a perfect contestant for the show. I’m sure they didn’t mean anything by it, really, but even possibly being associated with this program made me rethink some things about the way I’m living.

Mitigating circumstances: All the people on the show were off the streets and out of America’s nightclubs and bars for a few weeks.


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