The Rum and Popcorn 100

I got a lot of problems with these people!

97. “Punisher” Movies

Look, on paper, yeah, The Punisher sounds like a great idea for a movie. But no one has ever done it. Yet, Hollywood keeps trying. Perhaps part of the problem is that they never seem to cast the part correctly. I’m sure Ray Stevenson is a fine, competent actor. But you can’t cast a nobody in this role, as soon as people saw the preview, they said, “Who?” and had flashbacks to the Dolph Lundgren straight to V-D-O anti-classic, it had no chance at the box office. The Thomas Jane version was okay, but I don’t think anyone really ever bought him a revenge-seeking dark-haired guy.

Leave the Punisher alone, Hollywood. Let him rest. He deserves better than to be associated with “pictures that massively flop in almost all its incarnations.”


December 11, 2008 - Posted by | movies, pop culture

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  1. Yea, i agree. As a big comic fan, I enjoyed the two recent Punisher films, but I always thought they could have been better.

    Oh yea, please help my friends and I settle our differences once and for all at:

    I’d appreciate it.

    Comment by Kevin | December 11, 2008 | Reply

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