The Rum and Popcorn 100

I got a lot of problems with these people!

95. Charlie Weis

I am as much of a Notre Dame hater as much as anyone, but this has just gotten sad. First of all, you should hate on him because other than Barack Obama, he’s probably the only person in America who was helped by the state of the economy. He would have been gone already, but even Notre Dame can’t raise $12 million or thereabouts to buy him out.

Second, he’s taking other teams down with him now. Many USC fans enjoy the now-annual beatdown of the Irish, but sort of like a one-night stand that makes you feel good, they wake up in the morning realizing that their dominance gets no respect from the BCS computers and the pollsters, and they’re on the outside looking in at the BCS championship.

Finally, I visited South Bend last year and watched them get beat down by Air Force. I thought I was there for rock bottom. I could always say I was on the premises, witnessing history. But then Syracuse happened this year. Thanks for nothing, Charlie. Oh, and you’re still fat.


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