The Rum and Popcorn 100

I got a lot of problems with these people!

84. Citi

Wait, you collected all these bogus fees from my checking account over all these years and you asswipes still need government bailout money? Seriously? Having banked and worked for these people, it’s finally nice to own a piece of these bastards. Not really.

I have a long, frustrating history with this bank, it essentially being a legacy from my father. And I’ve been too lazy to change, even after they let me go from various temp assignments. It’s like Joe 24K says: “A relationship with a bank is like an abusive relationship. Yeah, they screw you on all these fees, and you’re not getting any real interest, but they control your money, and once in a while, you get rewards points. So you talk yourself into staying, like ‘It’s too hard to transfer my money’ and ‘the ATMs are all so convenient.’ So you stay, and then the cycle begins again when they hit you with a bogus overdraw fee.”

Well it was nice to see them take it up-the-you-know-what for once…well, until Hank Paulson gave ’em some cash to get by.  Yeah, where were Hank and his cronies when my unemployment, caused by Citi, ran out two years ago, huh?


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